URL Radio’s YouTube Channel

Are you still kicking yourself for missing the morning show last week?  Want to hear the interview with one of your favorite bands, politicians or business people.  Then be sure to check out URL Radio’s YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/urlradio There are old shows, new shows, funny shows, sad shows & road shows. From the ND State […]

Wrapping up in Guatemala

It is almost time for us to say goodbye to this beautiful  place (we can say that because we are in Antigua which is one of the more friendly places to be in Guatemala).  The days have flown by as you can see we didn’t get to put anything in for days 2-4. Day 2 […]

Kitchen Round Table

  We arrived in Guatemala at 9:00 pm (which is 10:00 Bismarck time – we are only 1 hour behind).  Right off the bat we sat around the table & interviewed Sister Kathleen Atkinson with ITEMP & Charisse Fandrich with the God’s Child Project at the dinner table of our host family Victor & Dora.  […]

We’re In Guatemala

Well, we’ve made it, and things are going great.  A couple of technical difficulties, but hey – those happen in America too.  We’ve had some great interviews at the Dreamers Center & the Mayan ruins.  We are trying our hardest to get pictures & video up when possible.  Our #1 piece of advice today was […]


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