Promotional Opportunities:
We’re like a value menu. Pick what you want separately or if you want to “super size” your advertising we can come up with a great deal!
There’s something for everyone and every price point!

  • 30-second Spots $10 each
  • 60-second Spots $15 each
  • Call-ins (up to 5 min.) $25 each
  • Website sponsorship is $100/mo.
  • Podcasting $25/finished minute.  Interview whoever you want.  Partner with whoever you want.  Talk about whatever you want. Great way to push products, your business, your services, builds you instant credit and brands you as a “go to person” or authority in your area.  We’ll even play it on URL Radio for our audience and push it out over our social media for a reduced price.
  • Remote Broadcasts can be purchased for $400. They include: Remote teasers before broadcast.  Station giveaways or prizes. Two hours of  broadcasting.
  • Show Sponsorships ($400/mo): Create a more personal relationship with targeted listeners.
  • Social media management: Let us manage your facebook and twitter for short time periods, before events, or on a regular basis Post daily $150/mo.  Post weekly $100/mo.
  • Blog set-up & consultation $300 (one time fee)
  • YouTube set-up & starter video $300


Have other ideas? Let us know we love to be cre-8-tive

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URL (U Rock Lately) Radio is a local radio station on a national stage, the Internet. It’s a station for the people and by the people. U R in charge. U R keepin’ it local. U decide the music. U decide the programming. U R important. U Rock! U R the future of radio.