As the River Runs – Bis-Man Flood 2011

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Rainbow in Bismarck on Sunday (picture stolen off Juanita Lee's Facebook page)

Rainbow in Bismarck on Sunday (picture stolen off Juanita Lee's Facebook page, thanks Juanita)

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We will try to keep this page as up to date as possible with important information, phone numbers, locations and anything else pertaining to the flood that may be able to help you or a friend. 

We are pleading for helping hands & prayers – we have seen so many people step it up in many ways: sandbagging, moving, donating items including buildings & their homes, babysitting kids so others can sandbag, providing music to the sandbag central locations, massages, free transportation & more.   THANK YOU!

Bismarck Flood Hotline: 701.355.1659

Mandan Flood Hotline:  701.667.3307

Sandbag Central Locations:  Missouri Valley Fairgrounds, Sandbag Central South Northern Plains Commerce Center (24 hours), Sandbag Charlie (South 22nd Street) open 24 hours.  Mandan – 46th Street Near Raging Rivers

Free transportation for volunteers provided by the CAT & Taxi 9000 – go to JC Penny’s at the Kirkwood Mall & they will take you to the location needing the most help.

Temporary Shelter & Food– Horizon Middle school provided by the Red Cross

Engineering advice – 701.355.8400 for dike guidance

Garrison Dam Release Info —  (CFS means Cubic Feet/ Second.  One Cubic foot/second equals 646,360 gallons of water.)

  • Monday, May 30, increase to 85,000 cfs
  • Wednesday, June 1, increase to 105,000 cfs
  •  Thursday, June 9, increase to 120,000 cfs.
  • No later than June 15 depending upon progress in putting protections in place and actual precipitation levels — increase to 150,000 cfs.
  • The anticipated river level at 150,000 cfs is 20.6 feet with preparations recommended for 21.6 feet or an land elevation of approximately 1,641.2 msl.

EvacuationsBurleigh County Southport residents need to prepare for evacuation (not mandatory at this time) due to increased water level (10:30 am 5/30/11).  May 26 Briardale, Hogue Island & Fox Island were served voluntary evacuation notices.  Morton County is recommending evacuation of the following additional areas north of Mandan: Schlossers first to sixth additions, and Seidler addition. Residents were advised to evacuate from the following rural areas south of Mandan earlier this week: Tokach/Timberhaven, and Jetty Beach.

Ways to help other than sandbagging:

  • To help Salvation Army with making sandwiches call Tammy at 701.223.1889 
  • To help with the flood hotline call Suzanne 701.355.1868

Important Links:

Other things to know:

  • City landfill is open only to commercial and city vehicles.
  • Bismarck-Mandan Chamber of Commerce is matching people with empty space with those that need storage space.  Call Whitney at 701.833.7298 or visit
  • You can watch the press conferences live on the web at
  • ND Floods 2011 Facebook page
  • 2011 Flood Event Map
  •  If you evacuate, turn off energy at your main breaker. Turn off gas valves to appliances. 1-800-MDU-FAST
  • Call 811 before you do any digging
  • We will need 8 million sandbags this week (to put this into perspective Fargo used 500,000).  To see what 8 million sandbags looks like visit

Links to pictures and videos regarding the flood:

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