Local Artists

URL Radio supports local music. If you are an artist that has some music recorded – send it our way. If we like it – we’ll play it.

Be sure to tune in to the Rock Ranger show Tue-Thur at 4:00 as they feature a lot of local artists, live performances, interviews, band secrets & more – right here on URLradio.net.

We are currently playing songs from the following artists:

  • 46 Shades, Bismarck
  • 7Tall
  • Aaron & Amanda Butcher
  • Adam Jenkins, Bismarck
  • Aime Forde
  • Ann Reed
  • Antiquity
  • Art Rude, Turtle Mountain
  • Bee’s Knees
  • Ben Suchy, Bismarck
  • Blind Joe
  • BrainMonster
  • College of Bluegrass
  • Cottonwood
  • Dan Kelsch
  • Dirty Word
  • Eldon Johnson, Fargo
  • Elijah Dixon, Bismarck-Mandan via Jamaica
  • Emissary Echo
  • Freight Train Todd Haugen
  • Funky Arabs, Bismarck
  • Gwen Sebastian, Nashville, TN (formerly of Hebron)
  • Hangmans Joke
  • Jessie Veeder
  • Jody Hanks
  • Joe Gande
  • Julie Puppets
  • Kat Perkins, MN (formerly of Scranton)
  • Kris Kitko, Bismarck
  • Last Echo
  • Luke Graner
  • MAAC
  • Mi Scott
  • Mike Swenson
  • Mitch Malloy
  • Neal Peterson, Minneapolis, MN (formerly from ND)
  • Orwell
  • Panic
  • Randy James Band
  • Richard Torrance
  • Rob Anthony
  • SaxManRan
  • Scarlet Haze
  • Seven Day Jones
  • Shawn Oban, Bismarck
  • Six Appeal, Concordia College, (2 band members formerly of Bismarck, Andrew Bettenhausen & Jordan Roll)
  • Sonic Crown, Billings, MT (1 band member formerly of Bismarck, Kenn Patterson)
  • Stainless, Bismarck (now called “The Future”)
  • Stone Cloud Sunday
  • Swentones
  • The Future, Nashville, TN (2 band members formerly of Bismarck, Jordon Culver, Adam Culver, and one from Dickinson, Eric Sadowsky )
  • The Jones, Bismarck
  • The Midnight Noise Orchestra, Bismarck
  • The RaVens
  • Tigirlily
  • Willi Ulness
  • Young Therobreds
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