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Business Challenge

Business Challenge

Stacy & Nicole are heading out West tomorrow after Stacy & her Posse rap up the morning show to speak at the 32nd session of Business Challenge at Dickinson State University.

We will be sharing the URL Radio story with more than 150 high school & college students, high school & college educators and other business professionals.

Since Business Challenge began in 1978, they have brought together over 7,500 North Dakota high school students, and elementary and secondary educators, for an experience of a lifetime. Business Challenge is North Dakota’s week-long, action-packed, entrepreneurial business camp. North Dakota was the second state in the nation to develop a business awareness educational program. The program has now spread to over 19 states, including the countries of Australia and New Zealand.

One of the objectives of Business Challenge is to provide students and educators with a better appreciation and understanding of business and entrepreneurship. Participants learn about technology, electronic business, and the global economy. Participants learn to generate profits, which are necessary for economic growth, competition, and productivity. They also tour industry sites. Students run their own business through a computer simulation. They also write a marketing plan, create a presentation, and meet some of North Dakota’s most influential people. Educators attend to enhance their professional skills. They learn new teaching skills and strategies and integrate “real life” into their classrooms no matter what discipline they teach.

In addition, participants gain a better knowledge of North Dakota’s economy, become more aware of what North Dakota has to offer, and obtain insights into career opportunities in the state. Business Challenge fits in with the New Economy Initiative strategies, as the program is aimed to spark the spirit for new entrepreneurs and keep our strongest resource, educated people, right here in North Dakota.

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