God’s Child Day II

By URL Radio

Today we spent a lot of the morning working on trying to get video & pictures up for everyone.  I (Nicole) spent a lot of the day trying to learn how to work on a spanish keyboard.  Trust me it is not easy – none of the keys are what they appear to be.  It was also my birthday.

We toured the Dreamer Center which was beautiful (Sister K & I are dreaming up our own in Bismarck already.)  We also went to the Scheel Center & will be going back on Thursday to broadcast live there along with some of the students who have been practicing to be on our station.

Here are some pictures from Day II.

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By Cheryl Kalberer on May 5th, 2010 at 3:54 pm

Nicole – hope you got my birthday wishes yesterday. If not, Happy Belated Birthday!


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