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URLifestyle Magazine has a wide range of topics from music, news, and entertainment to trends, food and health and wellness.

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Previous Issues:

August 2016 https://joom.ag/Nm0Q – Featured Artist, Jessica Norman, Back to School on a Budget, Poke Walk, Back to School Tips, Absinthe A Love Story Part III, Superfood, A Shot in the Dark (Tony Scott story), Feature on Michelle Farnsworth

July 2016 https://joom.ag/f9NQ –  Starlight Cinema, Featured Artist: Gina Powers Band, The Cuff Chic, Urban Harvest, Lantern Festival, North Dakota Music Awards Festival, Absinthe: A Love Story Part II, Fatkini, Bismarck Patio Reviews, Bismarck Music Scene, Stiletto Race,  Kobe’s Rewards Customer Cruise, To Paleo or Not to Paleo, Ladders, Kase Knoephla

June 2016 https://joom.ag/309Q – The Bis-Man Food Co-op, Presciptions For Life, Bismarck #BossBabes, Musings with Misty, Wallets, The Line (Big Boy), Absinthe: A Love Story, Fun Picks for June, Sushi: Your Summer Weight loss Friend, Cool Crazy Crafty Crap, What is Fiber, Overnight Oatmeal

May 2016 https://joom.ag/wuCQ – Alley Art, Advice & Real Talk, Five Musicians to Watch for in 2016, Mike Peluso’s Outdoor Show, Community College Graduate, Spam Ramen, In High Spirits, Musing Mystics and Music, Nix Six Family Fun Pix, What’s Hot & What’s Not in Home Decor 2016, Kobe’s new Chef,

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