URL Radio turns 4

By URL Radio


On April 1st URL Radio turns 4 years old.  And people are chanting four more years! Four more years!  We have many walks down memory lane today. At exactly 8:15 a.m. (central) we will kick it off with our original first song, first playlist and many firsts for radio in ND. Remember when they said “that internet radio thing won’t work out.”? Hmmmm. They’ve been chasing our station and internet marketing ideas ever since! Below are just some of the cool people that we’ve worked with.

Even though it’s our birthday we are giving away presents.  So…anything purchased in April will receive equal May advertising for $0!

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URL (U Rock Lately) Radio is a local radio station on a national stage, the Internet. It’s a station for the people and by the people. U R in charge. U R keepin’ it local. U decide the music. U decide the programming. U R important. U Rock! U R the future of radio.